Water Treatment Materials

We are a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of innovative solutions for the treatment of water, basically for swimming pools and animal health, but also for agriculture, the Foodstuffs Industry, Refrigeration Towers, Laundries, the Pharmaceutical Sector, Waste Treatment, Storage of Organic Waste, Biological Control of Odors etc. our factory has its own R&D and Innovation laboratory. We are therefore pioneers in the development of new products Water Treatment
Our production covers the full range of products required for the treatment of water, in solid and liquid form: tablets in a range of weights and diameters, grains and powders, auxiliary solids and liquids, peroxides, etc.

Highly versatile alternating own formulations (standard or special) with others provided by clients. Personalized packaging, labelling and pallet loading with our own labels and packs or those indicated by clients.
water treatment materials (without chlorine) ecological and manufactured
with the latest technology and high efficiency to eliminate fungi and bacteria
in the water a high level of efficiency and quality while ensuring the safety of
users level, as well as to maintain the basic equipment.

  • Tri chloro iso cyanoric acid (tcca ) normal tablet
  • Tri chloro iso cyanoric acid (tcca ) multi function tablet
  • sodium Di chloro iso cyanurate (SDIC)
  • Sodium Hypochlorite
  • Calcium Hypochlorite
  • Hydrogen Peroxide Tablets & Liquid
  • Ph- & Ph+
  • Non foamy algaecide liquid
  • Solid & Liquid flocculant
  • DCCNA 55
  • Bilayer tablet
  • Integral treatment tablet


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